Night swimmers "picked up" lambs from a farm in Frenaros

CEB1 2 News, Nea Famagusta
Christmas night with stolen lamb was thought to be spent by night owls, who raided a livestock farm in Frenaros and snatched 33 lambs, with the Police not ruling out the possibility that the animals ended up in an unauthorized slaughterhouse or even in the occupied ones.

CEB1 1693 News, Nea Famagusta

The theft was discovered by the owner of the farm, who went to take care of her animals.

The perpetrators seem to have known what they were asking for and acted purposefully, choosing only tender young lambs, aged 4-5 months, with a maximum weight of 25-30 kg each.

Members of the Famagusta Crime Investigation Department who went on the spot, found that the perpetrators did not even need tools to break the iron gate located on the east side of the premises.

According to a police spokesman, the door appears to have been broken by physical force.

The stolen lambs were unmarked. Their total value exceeds, according to the owner, 3.500 euros. The members of the TAE who visited the scene, collected evidence, which will be sent for scientific examinations, in order to reveal the identity of the perpetrator or perpetrators.

Source: RIK