"If you go to Greece to have a lot of cash with you"

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German company warns

"To have more cash in euros with them", advises the German travel company TUI its customers who will visit Greece in the near future, so as not to be affected by a possible liquidity restriction… 

The head of the department for holidays in the Eastern Mediterranean, Markus Bruchmiller, in a note on the company's website www.tui-deutschland.de, in which, as he points out, he answers questions from customers who have expressed concern, explains that in the case where If Greece leaves the Eurozone, liquidity in the new currency may not be restored immediately throughout the country, so it is good for travelers to have more euros in cash with them.

The devaluation of the drachma would lower prices

They will, however, be able to use their credit cards, and are advised to contact their bank before leaving Germany. In terms of prices, it is explained that if Greece returned to the drachma, it would depreciate against the euro, so food, drinks and tickets to museums and archeological sites would be even cheaper than they already are. as prices have fallen by about 10% compared to 2011.

The same note, however, clarifies that despite the few demonstrations that were organized in Athens, there are no problems in the holiday areas, while "absolutely no bad mood against the Germans" has been observed. Even in the event of a strike, TUI claims that it has the means to serve its customers without problems.

Holidays in Greece will always be attractive

Mr Bruchmiller assures his clients that in the future, even if Greece has abandoned the euro, holidays in Greece will remain attractive, as major travel agencies will negotiate their contracts with their Greek partners in euros, as is the case. with Turkey and Egypt in order to avoid exchange rate risks.

He reassures them that even if Greece does not belong to the Eurozone, it will still belong to the European Union, so the Germans will be able to travel simply with their identity, without needing a passport.

Source: news247.gr