Upgrading and business development efforts in Famagusta

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The Association for the Promotion of Business Development (SPEA) of Famagusta, wanting to contribute in its own way to the revitalization and strengthening of entrepreneurship in the region, organizes the "1st Business Development Conference for Famagusta" on Friday, March 2 at the Hotel Aeneas in Ag. The conference is under the auspices of EBE Famagusta… 

This is a private initiative that aims to start a dialogue between all stakeholders in a comprehensive effort to upgrade the region, so that it can move forward dynamically and face the new challenges that the new order of things will bring. created as a consequence of the economic recession that Europe and the whole world are experiencing.

How is Famagusta affected by the economic recession and what are the future challenges? Which projects are expected to play an important role in the progress of the region? What is the competitiveness of Cypriot companies in relation to global competition? Can Famagusta compete with other areas of Cyprus but also destinations of other European countries? What supplies are available for proper branding and what communication tools are available? These are some of the questions that renowned speakers from Cyprus and abroad are asked to answer their views.

The conference is expected to be attended and addressed by ministers, mayors, MPs, business leaders and entrepreneurs with the aim of coordinated, team effort and cooperation that will allow Famagusta to emerge and establish itself as a remarkable area with innovative and enviable infrastructure projects. make it a remarkable tourist and business destination.

The conference is addressed to all stakeholders in the province of Famagusta such as businessmen, business owners and managers, business executives, local authorities, organized business organizations, tourism agencies, government officials.

Admission Free (registration required).

Organizer: SPEA Famagusta. Main Sponsors: USB Bank Plc, Famagusta District Transport Organization (OSEA). Sponsors: Paralimni Cooperative Credit Company (SEA) and KPMG. The conference is under the auspices of EBE Famagusta. Communication sponsors: IN Business magazine and the first business portal of Cyprus, inbusinessnews.com.

For more information and registration contact the organizing company IMHI: tel. 22505555, email: events@imh.com.cy, www.imh.com.cy, online registration: www.imh.com.cy/spea2012