Paralimni: Education of thousands of euros for the beach of Agia Triada

a 8 Municipality of Paralimni, News
a 16 Municipality of Paralimni, News

Thousands of lawsuits are filed by the owners of the area on the beach of Agia Triada in the Municipality of Paralimni and specifically in the location Laxia against the Municipality of Paralimni.

Within the above property, the Municipality of Paralimni, from 2003 until today, installed and placed a space in which they store umbrellas, cots and other necessities for the beach.

According to the lawsuit, the Municipality arbitrarily exploits the property in question throughout the year. This illegal operation amounts to 40 thousand euros.

The Municipality, since 2003, has been called upon to pay the rent to the legal owners, but this has not been possible.

The owners are asking for 4 thousand euros per year, for the period from 2003 until December 2016 and in addition, an amount of 56 thousand as damages for illegal intervention and / or as intermediate profits and / or benefits and / or loss of income, for the period mentioned above.

SigmaLive contacted the Mayor of Paralimni, Theodoros Pyrillis, who expressed ignorance about the delivery of a relevant lawsuit and reserved his position when informed accordingly. He added that he is aware of a letter from the owners in question in the past, however, there is nothing wrong with the Municipality in this case.

Source: SigmaLive