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At the same time that you are making fun of your aunt from the village when she hears words like "Kkoflex" and "Chisperket", someone else thought of doing this bad habit of yours.

And in this case, the very talented Cypriot street artist behind the Romeotees brand, is not only the words we used to say that were "stolen", but also many of the "inept" Cypriot rhetoric that we all use in strong doses in everyday life.

With the coolest designs you can imagine and outbursts that have left - and are leaving - history in our country, the Romeotees created in 2007 deal with humor the Cypriot reality.

"Exikiko sou", "Sikkime", "San tin Kypro en esiei", "lamn'Arota", "If it were the azula pouza isisen to pouzia gum the world" and many more that you will find with one click in the online store www.romeotees.com but also on facebook.

Choose a design and style and order the one or those that will make you smile or laugh out loud. Whatever you take, you will definitely become the topic of discussion in the company, you will make others laugh, while you are also advertising your place.

Now, in fact, when the holidays are coming, such a t-shirt is an invaluable gift for a person you love.

The collection includes baby bodysuits, bags and more.

Get a first taste to understand what it is about.

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Source: City Free Press