Scotland for second independence referendum

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The First Minister of the Decentralized Government of Scotland, Nicola Sterzion, has announced that she will seek an agreement with the central government in London to hold a second referendum on Scottish independence from the United Kingdom.

In an emergency press conference, the leader of the Scottish National Party SNP said that next week he will ask for the authorization of the local parliament (Hollywood) to start negotiations with London.

Ms Sturgeon explained that in her view the people of Scotland should have a choice for their future once the British government has chosen a "tough" Brexit, which includes exiting the single market. He noted that such a development is neither in the interest nor in the will of the Scots, who in the Brexit referendum voted 62% in favor of staying in the EU.

The Scottish politician said she had tried to negotiate with Theresa May over Scotland's interests, but had encountered a "wall of intransigence". Ms Sturgeon was of the opinion that the United Kingdom, or in some way Scotland, should at least remain a member of the single market if Brexit was to take place.

She also identified the time frame in which she believes this second referendum should take place, which is between the autumn of 2018 and the spring of 2019 - that is, between the period when it is believed that the terms of Brexit and the final UK exit from the EU.

In the previous independence referendum, the Scots chose to remain a member of the United Kingdom at 55,3% (with a turnout of close to 85%). Ms Stergion said conditions had changed since the Brexit vote and a second independence referendum was needed.

The decentralized government of Scotland has the right to start the process for the independence referendum, but the consent of London is required for it to take place.

The British government says the first referendum, in September 2014, was "legal, fair and decisive", rejecting the Scottish Government's request in the first reaction. Theresa May commented that a second referendum in Scotland would be divisive and would cause huge financial uncertainty at a critical time.

Ms May also said the majority of Scots did not want a new referendum. Recent polls show an increase among Scots in a second referendum, from 45% to 49%.

May: Stergion is playing political games with the future of our country

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Theresa May has criticized Scottish Prime Minister Nicholas Stirgeon for her call for a new Scottish independence referendum.

May accused the Scottish National Party (SNP) of being "blindfolded" over the issue of Scottish independence and called it "sad".

"Instead of playing political games with the future of our country, the Scottish Government should focus on good governance and public services for the people of Scotland. "Politics is not a game," May said.

Earlier, a spokesman for Britain's prime minister said Sturgeon's call for a referendum was "divisive".

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