"I took a bath to relax my tense nerve and 20 minutes later I was paralyzed forever"

The moving confession of a 39 year old for his Golgotha ​​for the last 3 years

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His incredible story is confessed by a man from Great Britain who, believing that he has been caught nerve after watching TV for a long time he decided to take a bath to relieve what he thought was "pulled nerve». A few minutes later he stayed paralyzed for his whole life.

Darren Roberts, 39, has not been able to walk, eat or check his bowel since the day he changed his life in July 2019.

The former director of a tool rental company was lying in bed watching TV at his home in the Cynon Valley, Wales, one Sunday afternoon.

When he felt a sudden sharp pain in his neck and shoulder, followed by a stinging sensation from pins and needles in his hands, he assumed it was due to a pulled nerve. Roberts took a bath in the hope of relieving the pain, Wales Online reported.

odigos3 world, Great Britain, paralysis, quadriplegic

But slowly his toes, feet, hips, arms and torso became numb and within 20 minutes, he could not move his body.

The man was trapped in the bathtub but managed to call his family to call an ambulance. He said: "Basically I had to be taken out of the bathroom, as I was essentially dead from the neck down."

His Golgotha ​​for the last 3 years

Roberts, then 36, was taken to hospital and said he "had an idea it would be more serious than I thought." An MRI scan was performed, during which Roberts says he was "completely immobile".

Doctors decided that Roberts should be placed in a coma after being transported by ambulance to the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff. His family feared he might never wake up when he developed an aggressive form of pneumonia and did not respond well to treatment.

A man was paralyzed in Britain

"My family was told to prepare for the worst," Roberts said. "Fortunately, I started responding to treatment and came out of a technical coma after four weeks."

Roberts had to come to terms with the fact that he was still paralyzed after a month of coma. He said: "I knew my life would never be the same again. I did not know what to think because I was such an independent person.

"As the doctors did not know what had caused my condition, they could not tell me if I would have any recovery."

He has been hospitalized for 3 years - "I can not eat or drink without help"

A man was paralyzed in Britain

Roberts said he had irreparable damage to his spinal cord. Usually Injuries of this nature are the result of a fall, car accident, infection or gunshot wounds.

When Roberts was taken to Rookwood Hospital in Cardiff in September 2019, it was confirmed that his spinal problem would change his life.

He remains in the hospital for more than two years, receiving 24-hour care.

Roberts said: "Nothing can prepare you for the news that you will never walk again, but being told that along with the fact that I could never use my hands again was devastating. "I feel like I're just a burden to everyone, something that does not help my depression and anxiety."

Roberts is now referred to as quadriplegic which means he needs help in almost every aspect of his life.

"I can not eat or drink without help," he said. "I also have complete incontinence. "I have placed a supraventricular catheter to manage my bladder and bowel movements every day."

Due to the medical equipment Roberts relies on, he cannot return to the family home and needs a new home with 24-hour care. A GoFundMe campaign has been launched in an attempt to buy him special home equipment.

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