Demonstration of hotel employees in Famagusta (video + images)

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An open gathering of hotel employees took place this morning in the Free Area of ​​Famagusta, which was organized by the Hotel Employees Guild of PEO.

At the gathering, the employees were informed about the efforts to implement the Collective Agreement last year and the results, as well as information about the planning for the completion of the effort during the new season.

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Reference was also made to the complaints of the Trade Unions to the Ministry of Labor about the arbitrariness of the hoteliers and the need for the state to intervene to protect the workers.

The frustration of the employees was expressed for the indifference of the Ministry of Labor to promote specific suggestions of the Trade Union movement for legal regulations in order to prevent misinterpretations of the law and the guarantee of pay as provided by the collective agreement.

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The Assembly unanimously approved a resolution to the Minister of Labor on all the demands made by the workers and warned for their mobilization if there are no tangible results of solving the problems.

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A march followed to the District Office of Social Security where the resolution was served and the workers' indignation was expressed for the long delay in the payment of the unemployment benefit in the winter, despite the repeated promises of the Ministry to solve the problem.

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What the resolution says

In the resolution, the Union of Employees of Hotels and Leisure Centers of Cyprus PEO (Famagusta branch) states that despite the retreats of employees during the renewal of the Collective Agreement in 2013, the promises of hoteliers to respect the agreed remain promises. It is also stated that “the Union has repeatedly denounced the situation prevailing in the hotels and has requested in writing the intervention of the Ministry of Labor and the Minister herself to protect the employees from the arbitrariness of the employers through the conditions of the overthrow of the balance of power. created by the crisis ”.

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Through the resolution, the Guild demands:

  • The legal regulation of the salaries of the employees as it is agreed in each case during the renewal of the Collective Agreement.
  • Modification of the article for the guaranteed unit so that it is paid every month or even removal of the relevant article.
  • Modification of regulations so that the employer can not pay fixed wages and include in them similar benefits such as the second off, holidays and more.
  • Amendment of the regulation for the payment of the Provident Fund so that anyone who completes 6 months of service in the industry and in case of seasonal employment 18 months of service is entitled to this benefit without other restrictions.

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In addition, frequent checks are needed, based on the legislation, the charging and the distribution of the service fee, where in many cases it is found that the amounts to be allocated to the staff are irregular or incorrect.

We express our disappointment that our requests have not received due attention and procedures have not been put in place to resolve these issues.

At the same time, we are bringing back the huge problem of late payment of unemployment benefits for up to three or more months, resulting in about 13 thousand workers and their families being tortured and finding it difficult to meet their most basic needs and most dependent on their parents' pensions. and the help of relatives and friends.

Despite the promises made by your Ministry, this problem still exists and we are obliged to call the employees, for all the problems, in mobilizations and other measures so that finally the state can bow to our problems and provide solutions.

We hope that before the start of the tourist season we will have your response and tangible results to avoid conflict in the sensitive tourism sector. "

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Unemployment is normal for tourism industry employees, according to the TKA

The Social Security Services in a statement informs that the payments for unemployment benefits of employees of the tourism industry, which are in winter suspension, are made normally, without delay, just as it was done in previous years.

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As reported, 11333 applications were submitted in November. Of these, those who submitted until November 16, 2017 began to be paid, after 6 weeks from the first signing, as the procedure followed, which is well known to anyone interested.

At this stage, it is noted, the applications submitted from November 17, 2017 onwards are being examined, and the Social Security Services are working as a priority to complete the necessary work.