Greece: New murder case - 29-year-old allegedly beaten to death by her husband

The woman had presented to the hospital suffering from a ruptured spleen and liver

nosokomeio aleksandroupoli WOMEN

Another incident of domestic violence with a tragic end is said to have taken place in our country, this time in Alexandroupolis.

The unfortunate woman had presented herself on December 5 in the emergency department of the University General Hospital of Alexandroupolis with her husband, saying, then, that she had fallen down a ladder.

Doctors then proceeded to introduce her immediately as they found that she had a ruptured spleen and liver. Finally, the 29-year-old, after undergoing four surgeries while being positive for the coronavirus, ended up on Thursday night.

However, according to information cited by THRAKI NET, the young girl, who lived in the area of ​​Avantos, was allegedly beaten wildly by her also young husband.

It is noted that the couple has three children.

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