Femicide in Greece: "She was with someone else, I went crazy and decided to kill her" - Cynical confession from the 71-year-old

The death trap he had set up

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With the confession of the 71-year-old late on Tuesday night to the homicide police, the puzzle of the murder of the 43-year-old in Salamina was completed.

The woman, mother of a minor child, died tragically in the early hours of Tuesday at her mother's house where she was literally hiding as her partner had long shown his wild intentions.

"She was with someone else, I went crazy and decided to kill her"

The 71-year-old confessed that he was the one who executed her in cold blood with a hunting rifle, claiming that he committed the crime out of "romantic anti-jealousy".

He was located and arrested shortly after 7pm yesterday, in Keratsini. The perpetrator was located, having parked the victim's car in which he had escaped and next to him he had the carbine with which he shot and killed the 43-year-old. He was taken to the Piraeus Police Department to be examined, where he confessed to his crime and a case file is being filed against him.


Today, the 71-year-old is expected to be brought before the Prosecutor of Piraeus, who will prosecute him for homicide and then ask for a deadline to prepare his statement to the investigator.

"She was with someone else, I went crazy and decided to kill her," the 71-year-old reportedly said cynically to the police.

According to reports, the man appeared particularly cynical during the preliminary investigation and without any trace of remorse for the crime.

The 71-year-old considering that the unfortunate mother was his "property", could not "digest" the fact that she had asked him for a divorce and at the same time that the woman had found the strength to denounce him.

As he confessed, he bought the carbine with which he killed his partner a few days ago, together with the bullets, from a stranger on the island.

The domestic violence complaint

On December 43, the 2-year-old reported the 71-year-old to the authorities for domestic violence, abuse and embezzlement.

As she reported to the police, on the night of December 1, specifically at 22:40 p.m., the man hit her, threatened her and cursed her at the house where she lived with her 15-year-old son.

He hit her as well as her 15-year-old child

Information stated that in her complaint she claimed that her partner beat her and her 15-year-old child. He threatened to kill her, then took her cell phone and her car and drove off.

"After the wood, he took her car and mobile phone, he probably wanted it to call for help, and then he came back and I heard the girl screaming. That's where she must have broken her leg," said a neighbor.

At the time, the police had informed her about the "panic button" application and installed it on her mobile phone, however, on the fateful Tuesday morning, the woman did not have time to use it.

"The woman had the application on her mobile phone and had received clear instructions from the police either to be informed if they see him near the area or to activate the panic button," said the Police spokeswoman.

He had set her up

The femicide happened early yesterday morning on Aiantos Street in Salamina. The neighbors heard a commotion from the particular house around 7 am. Almost at the same time as the voices, they also heard two shots and immediately notified the police.

The perpetrator surprised her and shot her with the shotgun 2 times, perhaps through the small glass of the door of her father's house, which was found broken.

The unfortunate woman was found dead by her mother early in the morning.

The tragic scene that unfolded was conveyed to ERT by a neighbor: "Around 8 o'clock something like, 'My child, my child' and I run like a human, she is a neighbor and I run to help and unfortunately we see the girl in front of the door, dead." No blood was visible because she had been hit in the abdomen and was on her back covered with a sheet. He had the audacity to cover her already.

As everything shows, the perpetrator knew the victim's morning routine and the time when she would be alone at home.

As far as the perpetrator is concerned, after the murder he took the ferry and crossed to Perama, and from there he headed to Keratsini.

He allegedly stayed there for a few hours in a cafe he frequented, while when the murder of the 43-year-old became known and he realized that he would be suspected, he left, leaving behind the mobile phone he had grabbed from his partner, charging.

The police searched for him in the wider area and finally managed to arrest him.

Source: in.gr