Femicide in Agioi Anargyros: The dialogue of the 28-year-old with the Police before the attack

The police officer of Immediate Action answers her: "Ma'am, the patrol car is not a taxi"

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There is widespread outrage over the femicide of the 28-year-old woman in Agioi Anargyros, where the woman fell dead after being attacked by her partner outside the local police station, a femicide that, by all accounts, could have been avoided.

And this is because, the documents that have seen the light of day and record the moments before and at the moment of the murder of 28-year-old Kyriaki, raise serious questions about the staffing of ELAS, the way it handles incidents of domestic violence, whether and to what extent contribute to the safety of citizens and especially women.

The riot police officer's infuriating response to the now-murdered woman, "Ma'am, the patrol car is not a taxi" to her request for a patrol car to accompany her home, is the highlight of what has come to light.

According to what was reported by Mega, since Tuesday (3/4) the Greek Police who have listened to the audio of the unfortunate victim with the voicemail of 100, have been informed that, when the girl asks for a police car to accompany her to her home, the police officer of Immediate Action, answers her: "Ma'am, the patrol car is not a taxi."

The apathy of the Immediate Action police officer who records the 28-year-old's complaint is also shocking, since at the same time that she is asking for help because she fears for her physical integrity, he sounds indifferent and seems to care about the bureaucratic issue of recording rather than helping directly the 28-year-old woman.

Seconds later she was attacked by her 39-year-old ex-partner, falling dead, with the Greek Police officer listening live.

It is reminded that in case a citizen faces a security issue or other health problem, ELAS is required to be accompanied by a patrol car.

The victim's conversation with the police officer follows in detail:

-Immediate action
- Yes, good evening.
- I am in the Agioi Anargyro department and I need someone to be able to take me to my house, because my ex is waiting for me outside my house, who has many psychological problems.
-So should I send to your house for your ex?
-Here you go;
-Should I send a patrol car to your house for the ex?
- No, I'm in the department and I want to go home and I'm afraid to go alone. I saw him waiting outside the door.
– Fine, the police car is not a taxi. I will send if you want to your home.
-Fine send to my house.
-On which street?
- Aristophanes... Saints Anargyri.
-What time will he be there?
-I don't know at what time?
- Fine. And what should I do? Should I wait in the section or start heading there?
- Have you sued him?
-What is he doing there? Is he waiting for what?
– He's waiting to take revenge on me, I don't know. Hit me. And yesterday it had come and we didn't pull it.
-Your name;
- Griva Sunday
- Griva Sunday. So her ex-partner is waiting outside her house with the intention of… violence, right?
-With intent to commit violence. About what time will you be there? To write; Would you like?
- Well, I'm next to you. I'll be there in two minutes.
- It is located nearby. Are you at the police station do you want me to write?
- Now yes, but I'm in a car with a friend of mine and we want to go home.
-He's at the police station.
-I'm getting lost... He's come here.
-The ex;
-Yes, he is here.
-So should I send there?

In a video document obtained by MEGA, the moment when the 28-year-old woman is outside the AT and talking on the phone with "100", saying that she is in danger, is captured.

At that moment the victim notices the presence of the 39-year-old, turns back and quickens her pace to re-enter the AT. The assailant within seconds runs after her and stabs her to death.

The perpetrator had previously been charged with bodily harm, violence against employees, verbal abuse, drug possession and, of course, the lawsuit filed against him by the victim in 2020 for rape and domestic violence, which he later withdrew.

He had a demonstrably violent personality and was determined in his actions, which he apparently premeditated.

Source: news247.gr