Greece: Three crimes with female victims in two days

The gruesome details about the three new femicides in Greece are shocking

egklimata femicides

On the morning of August 2nd another murder shocked the whole of Greece, the third in two days. It's about her murder of a young woman between the ages of 17 and 20, with the authorities looking for her partner. There have been two other confirmed ones homicides, within just one 24 hours in Rethimno and Zakynthos, with the perpetrators – spouses confessing their heinous act.

The young girl who was found dead on Tuesday morning (2/8), in the apartment in Peristeri by her mother, bruised on the body.

The authorities are looking for the 17-year-old's partner, a person of Pakistani origin, who may have been with her during the disputed hours. In fact, the particular person reportedly lived with the family. However, last night his things were missing and he himself had disappeared.

At the same time, they have already proceeded to bring in two people, specifically a couple, who had friendly relations with the victim.

Zakynthos: He was again a victim of domestic violence

It was shortly after midnight on Sunday, when the 51-year-old man in Tsilivi, Zakynthos, severely beat his 10-year-younger wife and then managed to multiple stab wounds at chest and neck.

A short time before the perpetrator murdered his wife, she had reported him to the Police for domestic violence. In fact, it was not the first time that the 41-year-old woman asked for the help of the authorities, since a month ago the woman had again fallen victim to domestic violence by the 51-year-old man.

The perpetrator immediately after killing his wife left the house and the police launched a manhunt to find him. Finally, he was located in the region of Marathia, in Keri. The 51-year-old reportedly told the officers who arrested him "I killed her because she cheated on me".

According to information, at 11 pm on Sunday, a neighbor of the family called the police because of the commotion he heard in their house. When the police arrived, they found the woman covered in blood and seriously injured on the balcony of the ground-floor residence. He had been severely beaten and had been stabbed by the assailant.

He was received by EKAV and transferred to Zakynthos hospital, however he did not make it and ended up dead.

The eldest son of the couple shocks with his words about his mother.

"Our mother worked two jobs to make ends meet and I wasn't here. He did everything for us. Only for her children. She was the perfect mother. I feel sorry for my siblings, we have to find a solution and move on," said the couple's son.

Two lawsuits against the perpetrator

Earlier yesterday, Sunday, the 41-year-old who worked in a hotel in the area, had submitted domestic violence lawsuit to the Police Department for an incident that took place in the afternoon with the perpetrator, again her husband.

According to reports, the officers asked her where her husband was, she stated that she did not know, left the AT at 22:30 and returned home. The 41-year-old was chatting with a neighbor when the 51-year-old appeared and started causing trouble again. The neighbor left to get help and when she returned, the 41-year-old was covered in blood on the ground.

As revealed, the 41-year-old in June she had sued her husband again and then the perpetrator was arrested for domestic violence, insubordination and violence against employees, because he had resisted arrest, but was later released.

The perpetrator in Rethymnon blames the victim

The same time criminal prosecution for manslaughter into a calm state of mind and illegal gun possession the prosecutor exercised Rethymnon at the expense of 60-year-old husband and self-confessed murderer of 56-year-old Georgia.

It was shortly after 12 noon on Monday, August 1st, when the perpetrator, wearing a bulletproof vest and in the presence of a strong police force, was led from the back door of the Rethymnon Courthouse to the investigator's office.

As the local media reported earlier, the perpetrator spent about an hour in the investigator's office indirectly attempted to assign blame to the victim, claiming that the 56-year-old attacked him first verbally and that she threw a plate at him.

"I got confused. I don't know what I did" he reportedly told the investigator, while also claiming that after their child's marriage she left home and returned after 16 days.

The 60-year-old man, who stabbed his 56-year-old wife to death on Sunday morning, he requested and received a deadline to apologize to Thursday.

According to the data obtained from the autopsy, the death of 56-year-old Georgia was caused by three knives which was accepted at neck. The woman also carries extremity injuries, in her attempt to protect herself as well backstabbing.