"And I may have thought when a woman swells me to nail her"

"Why is it forbidden to say that? I consider it filthy and stupid not to be able to express ourselves "said Nikos Zervos

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Nikos Zervos, a close associate of Konstantinos Tzoumas, spoke to This Is a Weekend about the actor's statements that caused a storm of reactions, emphasizing that he is an impeccable collaborator and that he always had this cynical humor.

"Is it ever possible for someone like Juma or I to say that we should kill women? He is ridiculous, he does not stand ω I understand what you are saying but Jumas is Jumas, we have known him for so many years from the radio and the movies. He said something quite extreme but I find it funny to believe that he meant that we should kill women, "said Nikos Zervos initially.

"If you think about it so seriously, things start to get rough. I do not believe that Jumas meant that it was justified to kill a woman because she was swollen. Can I say something extreme? I too may have thought that when a woman swells I can nail her but it is a thought, it does not mean that I kill her. It is in the context of a corn. Why is it forbidden to say that, because it is politically correct? I consider it filthy and stupid not to say what we think "concluded Nikos Zervos.

After the last part of the director's statements, of course, there was a commotion in This Is This Weekend.

Source: edaily