Big fire in Evia: Preventive settlement evacuated (VIDEO)

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The fire that broke out at noon on Saturday near the settlement of Raptaioi, in the municipality of Karystos in Evia, is raging uncontrollably, while according to statements of the mayor of Karystos in THEMA 104,6, the holiday homes closest to the fire are being evacuated for precautionary reasons.

In fact, the Fire Service proceeded with a precautionary evacuation of the settlement of Delisos, as it estimates that the very strong winds, which exceed even 8 Beauforts at the moment, have aggravated the situation on the fire front.

Because there are inaccessible points in the area, according to the APE-MPE, in addition to the ground forces, four planes and five helicopters are operating.

The biggest problem for the fire brigade is the strong winds that blow in the area in combination with the fact that the flames burn in several places that are inaccessible to the forces.

More than 80 firefighters with 28 vehicles, three groups of pedestrians, are involved in the firefighting project.

Source: Ant1