The causes of the fire on 3 boats in the Larnaca marina are being investigated - "All possibilities are open"

A three-member investigation delegation has been appointed which will go to the marina and in cooperation with all the relevant Services

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Today, the investigation into the causes of the fire that broke out yesterday on three boats docked in the Larnaca marina will begin by all the relevant bodies, Andreas Kettis, press representative of the Fire Service, told KYPE, adding that the Service has appointed a three-member investigative committee to assist in investigations.

He added that "the Fire Service received a call shortly after 1.30:XNUMX p.m. on Thursday, about a fire on three docked pleasure boats in the Larnaca marina. The Service initially responded with two fire engines from the Larnaca Fire Station and was then reinforced with two more from stations in the city."

He continued, "a lot of effort was put into extinguishing the fire, while the potential risks of the fire spreading were too many, since the composition of the materials of the boats, i.e. fiberglass is a petroleum derivative and when the fire starts, it melts and burns. There is an extremely high thermal load and the fire can be transferred from one boat to another, as they are parked in the marina and we have the so-called domino effect."

As Mr. Kettis said, "this is exactly what we tried to avoid. The fire had rapidly spread to three boats and with the help of the people of the Larnaca marina and other people who were there, we managed to save one boat, that is, only one side was burnt, while the fire in the other two was in full extent" .

In response to a related question, he said that in cooperation with the Fire Department and the marina management and with the help of a private company, the two boats were transported, while they were burning, outside the Larnaca marina, with great care, since, as he mentioned, it was very easy to transport the fire also in the other boats that were parked in the marina. "The weather conditions prevailing at sea were very bad, however it was possible to move the boats to the jetty, i.e. at land level and the fire was extinguished by the firefighters from the land" he added.

He said that there were no injuries from the fire and described this case as "very difficult" while noting that "the damages are obviously very large, since these are large pleasure and luxury boats".

The press representative of the Fire Service also stated that "today the boats, with the cooperation of the marina management, will be raised from the sea, as much as possible, since practically nothing is left of them, they have burned completely, so that in order to proceed in further examinations" He said that he has appointed a three-member investigation delegation, which will go to the marina and in cooperation with all the relevant Services - including the TAE Larnaca and the Electromechanical Service - will try to reach a safe conclusion about the causes fire.

To another question, Mr. Kettis answered that "all possibilities are open in this case as well" despite the fact, as he said that "the place and time when the fire started removes the possibility of some malicious action". "The investigation is difficult, we have a total disaster, but we will try to do our best to reach as safe a conclusion as possible," he said.