Father of the murdered 29-year-old in Greece: He did not let me see my daughter for 4 years

"My son-in-law would not let me see my daughter and grandchildren"

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The father of the 29-year-old girl who was allegedly beaten to death by her 30-year-old husband in Alexandroupolis is shocking. Mr. Mehmet speaks in a trembling voice to newsit.gr and Anna Triantaphyllia Tsouta, a few hours after he lost his daughter and reveals that her husband had removed them from their lives.

"We had to see our daughter for 4 years. Her husband would not let us see her, talk to her. They have been married for 10 years. "I did not want to give my daughter to him but my daughter loved him and they left together", says Mr. Mehmet to newsit.gr who still can not believe that his daughter is no longer alive.

Mr. Mehmet clarifies that "her husband has been telling us so far that Gervier fell down the stairs. We did not know anything more. He did not disappear. After he took her to the hospital and when the doctors told us that these blows were not from a fall but a beating afterwards, I do not know what he did. We do not talk to him, we have nothing to do. "I do not know if he hit her, justice will show us."

The father of the undefeated Gervier clarifies: "I did not make the complaint that her husband hit my daughter". In fact, she states in newsit.gr that her husband did not even allow them to see their grandchildren.

"My grandchildren are a 10-year-old girl, the boy is 7 years old and they also have a 2-year-old girl. This little one and to see it outside I do not know at all if I see it outside. "I have only seen the boy a couple of times, the girl is big, but they would not let us see them."

Mr. Mehmet reveals to us that friends informed him that his daughter's husband had been arrested. "We were told they saw him in patrol cars. I did not go to see him. I do not talk to him at all. I have not filed. I do not know what will happen. All I know is that I lost my daughter. If it turns out that he killed her, I want him to be locked in and not do such things to other people. If he has done it, he will rot in prison. "

The unfortunate 29-year-old had two other sisters, a 24-year-old who also has a baby girl and a 14-year-old minor.