Pavlos Haikalis: Finally, acting, I will pursue my hobby

He quits acting and theatrical stage and will pursue his hobby - How to help women trying to have children

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Pavlos Haikalis in an interview given to the newspaper "Peloponnisos" announced that he is leaving acting and theatrical board and will pursue his hobby which is none other than astrology and will even focus on helping women who are trying to have children. He even stated that he is a victim of political collusion, in retaliation for the fact that "he overthrew a government", as he stated.

Excerpt from his interview with the newspaper "Peloponnisos":

-Mr. Haikali, where do you attribute all this frontal attack that you are receiving?

"I pay for political games! And I say that, because do not forget that I have overthrown a Government, because I have a voice that has opposed acts of power that have been done to the detriment of an entire world and that, in addition, many parapolitical games have been played against me. So, no matter how we do it, I've been upset with some people. The situation that prevails today does not make sense: You say other things, others understand, others write, I am constantly bombarded by the media, plus all social media, etc. without being able to say what I want to say. You are going to say a word and it is misinterpreted, so automatically this whole thing leads to a dead end ".

-Do you think that a plan to exterminate you was made by political circles?

"Yes, we are talking about a plan for both my artistic and physical extermination! I can not understand what some people think about this issue. How can the complainant be a priori right? No, he is not a priori right! Let's put it well in our minds. Okay, there is an audience and some Media that want to misinterpret things. Okay, their right. What to do;"

-Will you deal with some other means of livelihood?

"I will deal with my hobby, which is astrology, on a consulting level, because I have enough knowledge I would say. And I will reveal to you, that I prepare things through the internet and in collaboration with a company that will help women through astrology, in the matter of births, avoiding IVF problems and related issues. I will deal with this part, which is very interesting, I have a lot of material to work on and I think I will help women from another point of view. "Come and understand that I am not who some people want to show that I am…".

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