Which former GNTM player became a mother for the first time?

The age difference with her partner and their very healthy baby

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A former GNTM player, she became a mom for the first time, having a very healthy son. She announced it on her Instagram, uploading the first photo from the maternity hospital.

The reason for Martina Hafichuk, whom we met through her participation in the second round of GNTM!


Martina had revealed that she is pregnant on Katerina Keinourgiou's show, "Super Katerina", in which she had said: "I am expecting a baby boy. I am 7,5 months old. She is my first baby. My partner and I have been together for 4,5 years. Let's go to the fifth year. My partner has had a child since his first marriage. We live permanently in Patras ".

Regarding her relationship, the former GNTM player had said: "I came to Greece for 6 months with my mother. My parents are divorced. I grew up with my father-in-law, who is from Crete. From a very young age I was independent. Kostas and I met on a night out and we got stuck immediately. In the beginning there were some problems with Kostas's age. Kostas will turn 48 and I am 23. I proposed to him, because he was jokingly telling me "when will you ask me". I proposed to him last year on his birthday. "He told me he wanted to think about it for two months."