Sofia Hadjipanteli: See her years ago without thick eyebrows and with blonde hair (VIDEO)

See photos and videos from the past, when her appearance was not reminiscent of today

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Sofia Hadjipanteli, the new fashion reality judge, has been very busy with her appearance and especially with her strongly united eyebrows. However, the model did not always have this presentation, which she adopted in recent years.

The change in her appearance is "witnessed" by a video, which was published five years ago, through the channel that maintains the model on YouTube. This is the first video she published, in which she appears with blonde hair and without the one eyebrow that characterizes her.

Watch the video below

International model Sofia Hadjipanteli will be the guest judge during the auditions. With a Greek Cypriot father and a British mother, Sofia Hadjipanteli is charting her own path to accepting diversity. She has made her own statement against the stereotypical standards of perfect beauty and is famous all over the world for her united, thick, natural, impressive eyebrows.

#UnibrowMovement has started, a body positive movement, which ignores the "musts" and promotes beauty without molds and the freedom of people to feel confident with each of their special features but also to do what they want to look like they want. She has been photographed in international magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, New York Times and Vanity Fair and has worked with top designers such as Jean-Paul Gauthier.

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