Disappearance of an English Cypriot: The blood, the voices and the cell phone that suddenly opened

Anglo-Cypriot Disappearance of 34-year-old woman, investigations, Ikaria

At the point where a signal was last found on the mobile phone of the 34-year-old English Cypriot astrophysicist, Natalie Christopher, the police investigations in Ikaria are focused, in order to trace her..

The 34-year-old astrophysicist has been missing since Monday morning, when she allegedly went out for a run. The police tried to locate her and yesterday afternoon came the unexpected development, where her cell phone sent a signal. Authorities had sent two SMS to her mobile phone, which were not answered, but the strange thing is that 24 hours later, a signal was detected and they are now looking to find out if it was opened by her or someone unknown.
In fact, two broadcast spots were found in different parts of the island, with one coming from the "Fourni" area. However, this area was later excluded and they have focused on a specific point of the island, where the burden of research falls.

Disappearance in Ikaria: What a partner and family are looking for

At the same time, the Cypriot partner of the 35-year-old appeared on ANT1, where she asked the mobile phone companies to take the necessary steps to find the exact spot where the location of her mobile phone was located.

"I need Google and Facebook to reveal the location of the girl's cell phone. Her cell phone is open for more than 24 hours and we are unable to find her exact location. "We stopped calling her to hold the battery," he said.

Through social media, Natalie's sister, Jana Christopher, asked her acquaintances not to call her on her cell phone, so that the police could locate her.

"My sister Natalie Christopher has been missing since yesterday in Ikaria, Greece. If you have her number, please DO NOT call her. "This will drain the battery and the police are trying to find their place with their mobile phone," he wrote.

Anglo-Cypriot2 Disappearance of 34-year-old woman, investigations, Ikaria

Thriller in Ikaria: The bloodstains are controlled by the criminologist

With research underway, all scenarios are possible with the 34-year-old astrophysicist. Of course, the signal on the mobile phone is not the only thing that has complicated the situation. One of the question marks is the blood stains found on her pillow, which her partner said she had a nosebleed. Along with some tissues that also had blood, they were sent for forensic examination to determine whether what the Cypriot partner claims was true and whether the nosebleed was natural or occurred after a stroke.

Ikaria: What the hotelier told iefimerida about the bloodstains

Meanwhile, the hotel owner of the unit in Ikaria, confirmed to iefimerida the existence of the spots on the bed of the English astrophysicist.

"I saw it with my own eyes. There were a few drops on the bed. I estimate that the girl's nose would open, but this is my interpretation ", he emphasized characteristically. At the same time, he added that the police officers investigating the disappearance of the 34-year-old, "combed" the whole room in order to find any evidence to help them in the search.

The voices heard by the maid - She believes that the couple slept apart

The other element that complicates the case, are the voices that he claimed he heard from a maid, last night. In fact, the maid said that the couple may have had a fight last night, as when she came in to clean the room, she found a sheet spread on the sofa in the bedroom.

"I heard some voices last night. "When I checked the room, I found that there was a sheet spread on the sofa in the bedroom, which may indicate that the couple slept in separate areas last night," the maid told the hotelier and the Hellenic Post.

The chronicle of the disappearance in Ikaria

It all started on Monday morning when at about 10 p.m. Natalie's partner said he had called him, telling him he had gone for a run in Agios Kirikos. He then tried to contact her again without finding her and at 12:40 pm he went to the police station to report her disappearance. Since then, the search for her on the island has begun, with the assistance of the fire brigade, but also two helicopters, but no traces of the astrophysicist have been found so far.

What the police say about astrophysics

Meanwhile, the spokesperson of the Hellenic Police, Theodoros Chronopoulos, did not give information about the progress of the investigations, but neither did he deny the news that a signal was found on her mobile phone. Mr. Chronopoulos said that all the possibilities for the disappearance of the astrophysicist are still being considered.

Source: philenews / iefimerida.gr