The investigations into the explosion in Makedonitissa are continuing

The division of the ground floor into rooms is under investigation

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Investigations continue today to ascertain the causes of the powerful explosion that occurred on Tuesday night in Nicosia.

At 9:00 am, experts will examine where the powerful explosion came from. Initial indications are that the explosion was caused by a gas leak.

As SigmaLive is informed, the Police are investigating whether the rooms rented by the owner of the three-story residence are licensed or illegal.

It appears that there were at least six studios at the site in question.

It is recalled that an investigative team led by an officer was formed, for a full investigation of the causes of the explosion in Makedonitissa, they were given to the Police.

Damage was also caused to adjacent houses. It is noted that in front of the three-story residence is a busy pedestrian street.

Speaking on the program Protoselido of Sigma, the Mayor of Engomi, Zacharias Kyriakou, "it is a blessing from God that we did not mourn victims, because the building is located directly above a pedestrian street through which hundreds of citizens pass and it did not coincide with the point where some people were passing because with the ruins that I saw boils there we would mourn victims.

Yesterday the police were not able to tell us the exact cause, they suspect a gas leak. Today they told us that the electromechanics will go, new investigations will be done and they will conclude today".

In addition, he said that "the municipal officials will be on site, they will see the building, they will check the file, what permits it had and they will inform us.

Source: sigmalive