This is the most expensive thing in the world

Although there is a small paradox

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It may be the most expensive thing in the world, but it's actually out of it. Not only for the place it is located but also for the amount of its cost, which could be characterized as astronomical.

Consumerism seems to be on the rise over the years. Most of our activities involve exchanges and competitions. A building will be for a while the biggest, the most expensive or any other title it will chase, since there will always be another one that will overshadow it. The same goes for cars, products and most items.

According to, there is a parking lot in Manhattan that costs one million dollars, a Bugatti gilding of 10 million dollars and the Yacht History Supreme that costs 4,5 billion dollars, which is decorated with statues made of dinosaur bones, and a $ 34 billion 160-story private garage with 2 seats in the garage. However, none of this is close to the most expensive thing in the world.

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CNBC reports that the International Space Station cost $ 150 billion to build, while it still costs several billion more to maintain. It was so expensive that many countries had to pay to cover the costs. So the US, Russia, the European Union, Canada and Japan made it a refrain.

It is not gilded, nor is it made of dinosaur bones, but the International Space Station probably has the most beautiful view, although it is lonely. The planet, however, is on the plate and the rest of the universe is out there. According to NASA, its purpose is to always have a human presence in space. It was first inhabited in the top 2000 and since then always some people are on it, even when it is maintained.

And this is the best. If you ever wish for the most expensive thing, do not forget that it may have been built here, but it is not on Earth, but in space. So always pay attention to what exactly you wish…