3-year-old boy complains of abdominal pain and dies 48 hours later (IMAGE)

"She was OK, she had no underlying illness or anything," says the devastated mother

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A happy mother reveals that she lost her "happy, healthy, smiling, wonderful little boy" 48 hours after she complained of abdominal pain.

3-year-old Jude Chinn was hospitalized last June with abdominal and stomach pains and vomiting.

The little Briton was then rushed to a pediatric hospital in Bristol, when examinations showed strange findings in his intestine.

Despite the surgery, the doctors were not able to save the little one.

"He was fine, he did not have any underlying illness or anything," says Laura's mother, "who went to bed talking to his grandfather and uncle via video call."

Then the abdominal pain started. "In the morning he did not have many reactions… At first they thought he had diabetes. Until the exams ruled out this possibility. "They found a lot of fluid that should not be there and rushed him to the operating room, to cut part of his intestine."

He concludes: "Unfortunately, he was found to be struggling for 24 hours in mechanical support before he passed away. At that point, our world collapsed. "

Source: Newsbeast.gr