A 2-year-old boy became infertile because his doctors operated on him by mistake

toodboy78 baby boy, SURGERY, wrong

Now his parents are hoping for a miracle, so that their child can have children in the future

An incredible incident happened in England with the victim of a 2-year-old boy…

The boy had gone with his parents to Bristol Royal Hospital for a routine genital operation (he had a raised testicle), which under normal circumstances would have ended in about 30 minutes.

Time passed, but the doctors did not make their appearance in the waiting area, resulting in intense concern that something had gone wrong.

So when the operatives went through the door, the news was not so good, confirming the fears of the family.

This is because, as they informed, the surgeon made a tragic mistake, which resulted in the child remaining sterile.

Specifically, he put a camera on the opposite side of the genitals from the one he should have, causing irreparable damage to the healthy testicle of the little one.

"They ruined everything," his father told the BBC, while his mother said: "They tore my heart and ruined our child's future."

nosok2 baby boy, SURGERY, wrong

UHB apologized for the incident and announced that it has launched an investigation into the incident, but it can no longer be done to change the little boy's condition.

As his mother said… "Now we are waiting for a miracle".