The Iranian attack was intercepted, Israel is preparing a "response" (VIDEO)

Video of the bombings - Iran launched an unprecedented missile attack on Israel - drones, ballistic missiles and cruise missiles were used. The Israeli army, with the assistance of American, British and Jordanian fighters, intercepted the majority of them

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Attack with over 200 "drones and missiles" against him Israel launched on Saturday night, shortly after 23.00, the Iran's Revolutionary Guards in coordination with them Houthi and Hezbollah. Immediately, all its countries were put on alert Middle East.

About an hour after the operation was announced, the official Iranian news agency IRNA reported that a "first wave of ballistic missiles" had been launched, targeting targets "deep inside the occupied territories" of Israel.

A little while ago, the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, stated in his address to the citizens that Israel is ready for an attack from Iran and that it will respond in kind. "Our defense systems have been developed and we are prepared for any scenario, both in defense and attack. The state of Israel is strong, the IDF (Israeli armed forces) is strong. We appreciate the US standing by Israel, as well as the support of the UK, France and many other countries. Whoever hurts us, we will hurt him too. We will defend ourselves against any threat and we will do so with calmness and determination.", he stressed.

Sirens sounded in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and other cities, with the night sky filled with flames from the interceptions. The people of Israel were ordered to rush to shelters.

Fighters from the USA, The Britain and Jordan.

As the IDF spokesman announced, the Iran launched over 200 drones, ballistic and cruise missiles, the vast majority of which were intercepted.

Iranian strikes caused minor damage to an Israeli military base, its military spokesman said. Israel, Rear Admiral Hagari. Regarding the injured from the attack, he emphasized that only "a little girl was injured", without giving more information.

During the attack in the early hours of Sunday morning, the Iranian mission to the United Nations said: "If the Israeli regime makes another mistake, Iran's response will be more severe," warning Israel and the US to "stay away." He also said that Iran now "considers the issue over".

The Iran had promised retaliation for the hit on his consulate in Damascus, on April 1, in which seven Revolutionary Guards were killed. The Israel has neither confirmed nor denied responsibility for the attack.

Shortly after 3:30, the Israeli military said it was no longer advising any residents to rush to shelters, revising an earlier alert.

Israel's Channel 12 cited an Israeli official as saying there would be a "significant response" to the attack, while it was reported that members of the Israeli cabinet had authorized Netanyahu, Gallad and Gantz to make decisions on responding to Iran's attack.

Shortly after 04:30, Netanyahu had a telephone conversation with the US president Joe Biden.

Condemnation from USA and Europe

The US, the European Union and Britain were quick to condemn the attack, calling it an "unprecedented escalation".

"Our commitment to Israel's security is unwavering", President Biden said via X, posting a photo of an emergency meeting of his national security team at the White House.

"Along with our allies, we are working urgently to stabilize the situation and prevent escalation. Nobody wants to see another bloodbath", stressed ο Rishi Sunak.

"We strongly condemn the attack launched by Iran on Israel. Everything must be done to prevent further regional escalation. More bloodshed must be avoided. We will continue to closely monitor the situation with our partners.", said the President of the European Council, Charles Michel.

"The air strike launched by Iran tonight against Israeli territory is irresponsible and cannot be justified in any way", the chancellor emphasized Olaf Solts via X and warned that "Iran risks igniting." "We stand by Israel and will now discuss further with our allies," he added.

The Secretary General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres condemned Iran's attack and declared "deeply concerned about the very real risk of a catastrophic escalation across the region".

On Sunday, the UN Security Council is convened in an emergency.

Source: Kathimerini