Space: On a collision course with the Moon, a part of a Space X rocket

This is the first known case when a large space "garbage" falls on the moon

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A large, out of control, part of the Falcon 9 rocket of the American company Space X, which was launched in 2015 and has been orbiting in space for almost seven years since then, is in orbit of collision with the Moon, where it is expected to fall on March 4, according to scientists' calculations. If that happens, it will be the first known case of a large space "garbage" falling on the moon.

The rocket had put a meteorological satellite (Deep Space Climate Observatory) into distant orbit, but at some point the second part of the rocket, weighing four metric tons, when detached from a high altitude from our planet, did not have enough fuel to return to Earth nor enough energy to escape the gravity of the Earth-Moon system, according to meteorologist Eric Berger, according to the Guardian.

The result is that, after a multi-year chaotic orbit, it is now in the process of falling on the Moon in a few weeks at a speed of 2,58 kilometers per second. It is likely to hit the "dark" side of the moon near its equator on March 4, according to the calculations of analyst Bill Gray, who deals with space objects close to Earth. If, indeed, it falls on the back of the Moon, the event will not be visible from our planet.

Source: RES-EAP