$ 1m reward from NASA for improving space meals

Many of you will be wondering what astronauts eat in space

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Many of you will be wondering what astronauts eat in space. Many times we saw in movies food in tubes or other "space" food of astronauts.

Their menu in relation to the old is not at all limited, as a result of which not only do they consume the necessary calories but they can have at their disposal almost all kinds of food.

They are also not packaged in tubes, as each astronaut now has a personal diet and food is kept in bags after the water is removed. However, because technology is advancing and space exploration will go a step further, so too must their hopes be kept in the vast darkness of space.

What is the Deep Space Food Challenge?

NASA's initiative, which is essentially an open public competition, is looking for scientists who will develop innovative and -mostly- compact food systems. They are essentially looking for a way to feed themselves as best they can as if they were on Earth, as so far their pre-packaged food has lost its nutritional properties over time and so the astronauts are malnourished.

As NASA explains on its page, a multi-year mission to Mars can not be supported by current data to keep its astronauts in good physical condition. It also cites the food problem that is also chronic on Earth and in third world countries or even from natural disasters resulting in food shortages.
This "challenge" therefore aims both at feeding humans in space and for the future of humanity on Earth.

The first phase of the competition was completed last October where 1 teams won a total of $ 18 for their own solutions. The program is now moving to Phase 450.000 where the prize pool increases to $ 2 million and those interested can submit their application by February 1th.

Source: unboxholics.com