They connected a nursing home with a kindergarten: The result is surprising

experiment1 AMERICA, Social Experiment

An original social experiment took place in Seattle, USA. which gives joy to the elderly and children. Specifically, in St. Vincent decided to co-host a nursing home with a kindergarten and the result is amazing.

Experiment2 AMERICA, Social Experiment

It is a fact that about 43% of the elderly experience social exclusion. But in Seattle they decided to change that. So the 400 seniors of the nursing home meet daily with preschool children of the Intergenerational Learning Center, talk and play with them.

Experiment3 AMERICA, Social Experiment

The aim of the program is to enable young children to get used to the image of older people, to come to terms with diversity, to accept people with disabilities and not to be afraid of the elderly.

But this has many benefits, not only for children but also for the elderly. Despite their advanced age, they do not hesitate to play, sing and have fun with children, who could, after all, be their grandchildren.

Experiment4 AMERICA, Social Experiment

The whole initiative has been received with great enthusiasm. In fact, one will soon be shown in the media documentary relevant to the whole project entitled "Present Perfect".

Source: Newsone