VIDEO: Famous Cypriot Youtuber wins Lamborghini $ 300 thousand in America and bursts into tears

He won a $ 300.000 Lamborghini in a test-challenge performed by Youtuber Mr Beast.

feidias panagiotou Lamborghini, Tik Tok, AMERICA

Unbelievable but true. The well-known Cypriot Youtuber and Tik-Toker Pheidias Panagiotou, who in recent months has been realizing his dream by making a video in America for the channel he maintains on the well-known social media, won a Lamborghini worth $ 300.000 in a test-challenge conducted by Youtuber Mr Beast.

The American millionaire Youtuber gathered 50 people and put them to rest on the luxury vehicle. Those who stopped touching the Lamborghini were excluded, but many of them won prizes and money for their participation.

The last one who would still have contact with the luxury vehicle would be the one who would make it his own. And so it happened… The Cypriot Youtuber Pheidias Panagiotou managed to endure until the end and made the very expensive Lamborghini his own, bursting into tears of emotion.

Of course, the finalist did not leave empty-handed, after winning the amount of 40 thousand dollars.

Watch the test and the reaction of the young Cypriot in the following videos: