Erdogan: We are preparing our army for the wars of the future

"Now we are raising the bar higher. We are preparing our country for the war environment of the future, raising it higher "

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The achievements of the defense industry were once again praised by the Turkish president, at a time when his opposition blames "failure" and "fiasco" in foreign policy.

Speaking at an event titled "National Technologies and New Investments", Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he was preparing the country for future wars.

"Now we are raising the bar higher. "We are preparing our country for the war environment of the future, raising it higher", he noted, even giving a new definition to the defense industry, seeing it as a "super-political field".

After praising the ability to build warships and unmanned vehicles, the Turkish president announced the date for the completion of the domestic fighter jet, which will be ready in 2023.

"We are among the top 10 countries that can design, build and maintain their own warships. We are now among the top 3 countries in the world in the production of unmanned aircraft.

I hope that our national fighter aircraft will come out of the hangar in 2023 to show it to the whole world. "This step is proceeding rapidly and our national fighter aircraft will make its first flight in 2025 and will take its place in the skies in 2029 as the strike force of our air force," he said.

The Turkish war industry has its roots in antiquity

Recep Tayyip Erdogan from the future went back to the past, claiming that the Turkish war industry began to develop in the 3rd century. e.g.!

"The roots of the war industry are not a new concept for the Turkish nation. "It dates back to prehistoric times, to the 3rd century BC," the Turkish president claimed. "The Huns built double-curved bows with great range and impact power," said Tayyip Erdogan, noting that the Ottoman Empire had developed shipyards since its early years and had established an artillery corps long before European armies.

The Ottoman Empire, according to Erdogan, exported many products, especially cannons, rifles and ships, to the world for centuries, but began to lose its leadership in this field after the 18th century.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan also noted that the developments that started with threats and continued with the embargo during the period of the "Peace Operation" in Cyprus, once again revealed the need for a self-sufficient defense industry.

"Today, the Turkish defense industry, under the supervision of our presidency, has become one of the most important sectors of our country," the Turkish president said.