The first international reactions to the result of the vote in FYROM

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Statements by NATO, European Union and UN vote in Skopje parliament

European, NATO and UN officials welcomed the Zaef proposal's approval by the Skopje parliament in FYROM.

Commission: "We expect national proceedings to continue without delay"

In a joint statement, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini and EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn reaffirmed their firm commitment to the Prespa Accord, calling the current Parliament a important step towards its completion and call on the neighbor to proceed without delay to the constitutional changes, which will lead the country on the European path.

The joint statement states:

Today in FYROM, Parliament took a very important step towards concluding the Prespa Agreement by voting to approve the start of the constitutional review process. We now expect the national procedures for concluding the agreement to continue without delay with the adoption of the constitutional changes.

The European Union strongly supports the historic agreement signed in June by Prime Ministers Zaef and Tsipras. It took political courage, leadership and responsibility to resolve one of the region's oldest conflicts. This was confirmed by today's vote.

It is truly a unique opportunity for the country to move resolutely on the European path, as well as for reconciliation in the region. The European Union will continue to provide its full support to its citizens and institutions. 

A vote one step closer to understanding your position in our transatlantic community, European Council President Donald Tusk said in a post on twitter (local language) for approval by its Macedonian parliament. constitutional review.

G. Stoltenberg: "To seize the historic opportunity for NATO membership"

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg welcomes the approval of the Skopje Parliament in Macedonia in the proposal for the constitutional revision.

As he states on his personal twitter account: "It is up to the government and political leaders to complete the national procedures for the nomenclature agreement and seize the historic opportunity for the country to join NATO."

UN: Satisfaction of Matthew Nimetz

UN special envoy Matthew Nimetz welcomed the approval of the start of the constitutional review process by the Macedonian parliament, congratulating the political forces in Skopje and saying he was impressed by the "effective" and "responsible" way in which he the democratic system in the neighboring country. In a statement to the Voice of America, Nimetz described the result of the vote as a "welcome development" for the whole of Europe, while expressing hope that the next steps in implementing the agreement would be smooth.

In particular, Mr. Nimetz's statement states: "I was informed of the recent vote on Friday night in the national parliament and I want to express my great satisfaction with this result. This is a welcome development not only for your country (Macedonia) but for the region and Europe. I would like to congratulate all the political forces of the country, and especially its leadership, for this important step forward. I was particularly impressed by how the democratic system worked effectively and responsibly, in accordance with the constitutional system and the democratic spirit of the people. I hope that the remaining steps will go smoothly to complete the process and I encourage all political leaders to work together constructively to complete the agreement and move forward with its implementation. On behalf of the Secretary-General, I can assure you that the United Nations is ready to assist in this process, as always. "

Germany: Important step towards NATO and the EU

Social Democrat MP (SPD) describes the result of the vote in the Macedonian Parliament on the start of the process of revising the Constitution as "an important step" in order for the country to move towards "NATO and the European Union". Metin Hackverdi. Mr Hakverdi, who is a member of the Bundestag's German-Southeast European Affairs Committee and is particularly active on the European perspective of the Western Balkans, even quoted Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras as congratulating his Skopje counterpart. Zoran Zaef and notes: "Nice guys. I wish their people a better future. "

G. Han: I congratulate all those who decided to follow the European path

The approval of Zaef's proposal by the Skopje parliament in Macedonia is welcomed by the European Commissioner for Enlargement Johannes Hahn.

In a post on twitter he mentions: Great day for democracy in Skopje. I congratulate all those who have decided to take the European path. I expect the free choice of all Members of Parliament to be fully respected, especially those who crossed the Rubicon tonight. We need political capacity, not party games.