USA: He murdered, tortured and forced young women into prostitution – A tattoo exposed his crimes

He was sentenced to 10 life terms

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A monster man will spend the rest of his life behind bars for forcing several women into prostitution, threatening and torturing them, before beating one of them to death and dismembering her body.

The United States Attorney stated that: "A long prison sentence cannot undo the extreme and lasting harm he caused his victims, but prison will prevent this murderer who clearly has no respect for human life from killing others."

He was sentenced to 10 life terms

The U.S. Attorney's office for the Eastern District of New York announced April 5 that a judge sentenced Somorie Moses to 10 life sentences for trafficking eight women into prostitution and murdering one of his victims, Leondra Foster. Moses pleaded guilty to those crimes in September 2023, according to information from

According to prosecutors, since 2003, Moses "lured women and girls with false promises of love." Moses then threatened, raped, beat, tortured and psychologically manipulated his victims into prostitution and work in Brooklyn and Queens. Moses allegedly collected all of his victims' earnings, kept the money and forced many of the women and girls to tattoo his first name on their bodies.

The horrible tortures

According to the prosecutor's office, Moses raped a woman and was thrown from a roof by a woman. Moses cut the hands and back of another woman using a razor. He also beat her with a belt before dressing the wounds with lemon juice, causing severe scarring, according to the DA's office.

Another victim allegedly did not give Moses the money he demanded, so the accused beat her with an extension cord. As a result, the woman suffered multiple open, bleeding cuts.

When another woman told him that she did not want to go into prostitution, the accused threatened to kill her and her child, putting a rifle in her mouth.

The brutal murder

Moses fatally beat a 32-year-old woman on the morning of January 13, 2017. Foster suffered bruises and abrasions all over her torso, as well as five blunt force trauma to her head.

According to the DA's office, Moses likely hit her head directly or hit her head on some surface. Foster reportedly died from the fatal blow to the back of her head.

She dissected her body

The morning after Foster was beaten, Moses dismembered her body inside his Brooklyn apartment using a knife and a saw and hid it.

Later that day he was visited by another woman in the apartment who would later testify to officials that there was a strong smell of bleach coming from inside the apartment.

Several days later, Moses took the 32-year-old's torso, legs and arms to a trash transfer station in the Bronx to dispose of her body parts. Moses then allegedly texted one of his victims and told her he was coming back and that he "just did 110 over the Brooklyn Bridge" in order to distract the investigation.

Investigators discovered Foster's head, hands and feet in Moses' freezer, according to prosecutors. A leg in the freezer was reportedly tattooed with Moses' first name, which led to his arrest.