Iran: Stops gas flow to Turkey for 10 days

What are the reasons for the shutdown and what does a Turkish oil company say?

Iran, Turkey, Natural Gas

Gas supplies to Turkey have been cut off by Iran for ten days from January 20, citing technical reasons, according to Turkish media. A statement from Turkish oil company BOTAŞ said that supplies of gas to Turkey from Iran had been reduced since January 17 and that purchases had fallen by about a third of the contract's daily amount.

Turkish press sources say the talks are continuing to shorten the time.

Iran supplied 16% of the gas consumed by Turkey in January-October last year, according to data from the relevant services.

The same sources report that orders were sent to power plants to reduce their gas usage by 40% and that gas distribution companies were also instructed to reduce flow at the same rate to industrial and large-scale consumers consuming more than 300.000 m3. natural gas.

The gas flow reduction directive does not cover use for heating, universities and hospitals.