Melissa Morris, the ultimate transformation of appearance and life

Melissa lost 447 kg taking part in a reality show in America

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In the first season of reality show My 600-Lb Life, many years ago, viewers met Melissa Morris, a 31-year-old who began her journey for a better life, weighing 692 kg at the time.

Realizing that her constant weight gain would hinder her dream of having a child, Morris wanted to make a huge difference. Melissa met with the surgeon of the show Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, and lost 447 pounds. So where is Melissa Morris now?

Melissa Morris announced in 2019 that she was working in the "most beloved place in the world" - the office of Dr. Nowzaradan. Last year he even revealed that he was returning to school to study Health Management, a field he loves but never expected to follow…

With her professional dreams in progress, Morris had three children! With this, he faced new variants of old challenges: weight gain, weight loss and depression. In addition, she and her husband Chris divorced, but the two seem to have a good relationship.

On her Instagram, Morris often shares moments of her life with her supportive followers. "I no longer let my weight determine my beauty. I will no longer value anyone else's opinion of me! " he had written last year.

"I could tell you that this whole trip was easy, but that would be a lie," he said in a later episode. "But it would not be a lie to tell you that it was worth it."