Dead at a former Miss World hotel in Uruguay


The body of Miss World Uruguay 2006 was found Thursday in a hotel in downtown Mexico, prosecutors said, adding that they were conducting a "homicide" investigation.

The body of the young woman, who was named Fatima Davila by a source close to the investigation contacted by the French Agency, was found "in the bathroom" of a hotel room in the center of the capital.
The 31-year-old model, "of Uruguayan nationality, arrived in Mexico on April 23" and said she was going to give an interview in view of her possible recruitment, according to a statement from the prosecutor's office.

She was crowned Miss World of Uruguay in 2006 and represented her country in the Miss World pageant in the USA the same year. She also competed in the Miss World pageant in 2008.

In recent years in Mexico there have been many cases of women being lured to the country with false job offers in the field of modeling. In many of these cases, young women are being blackmailed into joining prostitution networks. Many of them have been killed.

More than seven women are killed every day in Mexico, according to recent UN figures.