Turkey: Why the engineers of the Turkish defense company Aselsan "commit suicide"

"The engineers were important national figures who oversaw important projects for the production and development of Turkish defense weapons, which cover the national needs of the Turkish Armed Forces."

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Aselsan is one of the leading companies in the Turkish defense industry due to its huge production volume and is considered one of the top 100 defense industries in the world, writes the Turkish website turkmedia.net, which is written in Arabic.

Suspected deaths

And he continues: The sectors in which ASELSAN operates, which plays an important role in the development of the Turkish Armed Forces, can be summarized:

Information and communication technology, Defense systems techniques, Microelectronics, guidance and optoelectronics, Radar and electronic warfare systems, Transmission, security, energy and automation systems.

Having given a picture of this company, we should refer to the issue that exists with the suspicious deaths that concern its engineers from 2006 onwards, the Turkish publication emphasizes.

Causes of engineers' loss of life are suicide, gas poisoning, electric shock or car accidents.

akar aselsan aselsan, DEFENSE SOCIETY, suicides, MURDER, engineers, TurkeyTurkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar at the Aselsan kiosk during a defense systems exhibition (photo from Twitter)

The engineers - may Allah have mercy on them - were important national figures who oversaw important projects for the production and development of Turkish defense weapons, which meet the national needs of the Turkish Armed Forces.

The list of dead engineers

Among the names of the engineers whose death was attributed to suicide are (the website also lists their photos):

Hussein Basbilen: He was found dead in his car, with a severed neck, the day before he made the presentation on important projects he had undertaken in the weapons and technology industry, in 2006. In fact, the hard drive (memory) he was carrying was not found.

Ali Unal: The 30-year-old engineer died on January 17, 2007, after being shot in the head.

He was working to modernize F-16 fighter jets, command control systems and encryption, and it was officially announced that he had committed suicide.

Evrim Janceken: He passed away on January 26, 2007, at the age of 26. He died after falling from the sixth floor of a building he was working on to develop military projects. He is said to have committed suicide.

Burhanatein Volkan: He died on October 7, 2007, at the age of 28. His task was to develop programs related to the aircraft that would be built by Turkey.

He was found dead in the hall of the officer service of the BANDO Military School Administration in Ankara and is reported to have committed suicide with a pistol.

Suspicious car accident

Hakan Oksuz (41 years old): He died in 2012 in a suspicious car accident on Eskişehir Street. He was an expert in microelectronics and electro-optics projects. The cause of death is considered to be a car accident.

Erdem Ugur: He died on January 16, 2015 (28 years old). He was found dead at his home in Ankara and was reportedly poisoned with gas while his death was attributed to suicide.

He was an expert in the magnetic field, participating in national projects such as F-16 fighter jets, drones, tanks and weapons of war.

Ekrem Parildar: He passed away in 2017, at the age of 32, an electronic engineer at Aselsan.

He fell from the 14th floor of a building, which was located 15 km from his house. He specialized in "domestic defense systems".

Hafiz Kotsa: The 32-year-old engineer was killed by people who claimed to have visited him to buy his car, which he was selling online in 2006.

Ο Mustafa Dermanci, who confessed to the murder of the late technical engineer Hafiz Kotza, was arrested.

He confessed that he had received instructions from the brigadier Sadik Koroglou, who was also arrested on the night of the 2016 coup attempt.

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Sadik Koroglou (photo by turkmedia.net)

Brigadier General Koroglu is one of the supporters of Fethullah Gulen's group that sparked the coup.

Behind the deaths of the alleged engineers who were trying to develop the Turkish defense industries are malicious foreign and domestic hands seeking to subjugate Turkey, the Turkish publication points out.

The article goes on to refer to "Fethullah Gulen's terrorist group, which has infiltrated Turkish institutions since about 1975".

The leader of this group, Fethullah Gulen, lives in the US state of Pennsylvania and is considered their strong arm (of the capitalist power) in Turkey.

It is therefore being used as a puppet by the capitalist power to subjugate Turkey militarily, the article said, referring specifically to the organization's infiltration of the judiciary.

tourkia aselsan2 aselsan, DEFENSE SOCIETY, suicides, MURDER, engineers, Turkey
Fethullah Gulen (photo by turkmedia.net)

After the night of the failed coup in 2016, the cases of engineer deaths in Aselsan reopened and it was revealed that all the leaders of these incidents were directly related to the Gülen group and whenever a prosecutor tried to open these files, the judge, the loyal to the Gulenist terrorist group, shut them down.

With these assassinations they wanted to kill the rebirth of Turkey and its independence from the West, but if Turkey lost its best talents, may Allah have mercy on it, it gave birth to its strongest men, who achieved military achievements that dazzled the West and East.

We have to admit that without the efforts of the Turkish secret services and the Turkish security, we would not have reached today the pioneering achievements of the defense industry company "Aselsan", which have a repercussion all over the world, concludes the publication of turkmedia.net.

Source: turkmedia.net, echedoros-a.gr