Horror in Britain: Necrophilologist confesses to 2 murders and 100 rape of corpses

David Fuller, now 67, changed his original statement during his trial and admitted to the crimes he had committed.

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An electrician in Britain who confessed to killing two women in 1987 is also responsible for the sexual abuse of some 100 women in Kent hospitals where he worked for years.

In a case that shocked British public opinion, 67-year-old David Fuller changed his original statement during his trial and admitted the murder of 25-year-old Wendy Nell and 20-year-old Caroline Pierce in Tanbridge Wells.

According to the testimony in the trial, Fuller abused the bodies of his two victims after killing them, while he also raped at least 99 corpses that were in the morgues of two hospitals in the same area between 2008 and November 2020.

His youngest victim is believed to have been a nine-year-old girl, in a case described as the worst case of necrophilia in the country.

During Fuller's arrest at his home, police found 4 million photos of sexual abuse, mostly from the internet, but also photos of him abusing his victims. His handwritten notes describing some of the corpses he had abused were also found.

Kent police have opened a special hotline for relatives of victims who have reason to believe that their loved ones may have been abused by Fuller after their deaths.