Nicaragua: 1.172 prisoners released on Valentine's Day

Nicaragua: 1.172 prisoners released due to ... Valentine's Day

They benefited from the "family status"

One hundred and eleven women are among the detainees who have benefited from the "family status", a provision that allows those sentenced to less than five years and who have shown good manners during their detention to be released.

Nicaragua released 1.172 common criminal law detainees on Valentine's Day on Thursday, but none of the more than 750 opposition figures, including Belgium's Amaya Kopens, were detained, according to opposition groups.

"Today, to celebrate love, friendship and family life, 1.172 of our brothers and sisters in our national penitentiary system have returned," said Rosario Murillo, vice president and wife of President Daniel Ortega.

"We wish them a harmonious family life and may God offer them a new opportunity to live right and honestly," Mourinho added.

However, none of the protesters detained in Nicaragua were released until the afternoon, according to opposition groups.

The Belgian newspaper La Libre Belgique, citing Pierre Galan of the Center for Popular Action who interviewed the ambassador of Nicaragua in Brussels, had spoken on Sunday about the possibility of "soon releasing" the Belgian-born young woman with another 35 detainees.

At the end of the year celebrations, 1.100 prisoners were released under the "family regime", but again no political prisoners.

According to opposition and human rights organizations, more than 750 people who took part in the anti-government protests have been arrested.

More than 325 people were killed in political violence in Nicaragua between April and October 2018. According to human rights groups, authorities are still making arrests, although protests have stopped because of the crackdown.

Most of the protesters arrested have been charged with "terrorism" and face up to 20 years in prison.