Belgian Prime Minister: To strike the coronavirus, not the people

It has been decided at European level that the vaccination certificate will be valid for nine months

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At European level, it was decided that the vaccination certificate would be valid for nine months, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Croix said in an interview with the newspaper "Le Soir" and stressed that after this period a boost dose is required.

In particular, when asked if one should have taken the third installment to obtain or maintain the Covid Safe Ticket, Alexander de Croo noted that "at European level it was decided that the validity of the second installment will be nine months. After that, a booster dose is required. It is clear, then, that the vaccination passport, which is a sign that you are better protected and you better protect others, will logically pass at one time or another, in the booster dose.

He added that "it is logical that in the time given we are moving forward in the transition", but clarifying his position regarding children.

"Caution. For children, there will be a vaccination between 5 and 12 years old. For this, I know many parents are wondering. My wife and I asked our ten-year-old son to find out if he wanted to be vaccinated. He said yes. "But clearly, vaccinating children, unlike adults, can not and will never be a prerequisite for engaging in activities," he said.

Asked if he wanted to "bag" the unvaccinated, such as Emanuel Macron, the Belgian Prime Minister replied: "Clearly, it is not my vocabulary. For my part, I believe we need to hit the virus and not hit people. But to beat the virus, we need the maximum of people who are vaccinated. "I continue to believe that it is better to convince people than to force them."

As for the mandatory vaccination, when asked if he had changed his mind in relation to an earlier statement in which he had said "we will not put people in prison", Alexander de Croo pointed out: "No. That is my opinion. But, I'm open. And I'm ready to hear more arguments. "But it must be a scientific argument, not a political one."

Source: RES-EAP