Thailand: Smiles of optimism from children trapped in a cave (VIDEO)

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The "Odyssey" of the 12 children and their coach, who remain trapped in the depths of the Tam Luang cave in Thailand, continues today.

To save them, the country's authorities are working feverishly as storms are forecast at the end of the week, which will make the work of rescuers difficult.

Yesterday, the local authorities gave food and oxygen masks to the children while he stated that it may take months for them to be released.  
Today, another video was released showing naval doctors.

According to local media, the sailors spent the night with the children to treat them. According to The Guardian, students are taught how to breathe with a special diving mask as the most likely option to "escape" from the nightmare is to dive.

It is noted that teams of foreign experts from Australia, Britain, Japan, China, as well as about 30 American soldiers are supporting the efforts of about 1.000 Thai rescuers who have been mobilized to free the children and their coach.

As you will see in the video, the children look tired and malnourished. However, the authorities emphasize that the 12 students and their coach are in good physical and psychological condition and that so far they have not been able to talk to their family as the communication device that the divers tried to carry broke down when they entered the cave.


An army spokesman said the children were once again trying to contact their parents.
The possibility of a storm, however, frightens the authorities as the cave will be flooded again. A member of the divers, he said,

"Rescuers have to work fast because there is a storm on Friday and if it starts to rain the whole cave will be flooded. "If that happens then it will be almost impossible for us to send supplies and keep in touch with the boys."  

Yesterday, the coordinator of the American National Cave Rescue Committee, Anmar Mirza, said that the fastest and at the same time dangerous solution is for children to dive.

Authorities estimate that their release may take ... months.