Morocco: The little one is trapped for the 5th day in the well

The 5-year-old should be released as soon as possible


For the 5th day, little Rayan remains trapped in the well with the margins narrowing as the 5-year-old child must be released as soon as possible.

Anxiety peaks in Morocco as the release operation is at a critical juncture and everyone is watching with bated breath.

Thousands are those who express on social media their sympathy for the child with the hashtag #SaveRayan but also their concern for his state of health.

Rescuers are working day and night in the village of Igran in the northern Moroccan province of Chefchaouen to reach the spot where the boy was trapped in a 32-meter deep well, where he fell last Tuesday night.

So far they have managed to send him oxygen with a rope but it has not yet been possible to bring him to the surface. Rescuers operate through a horizontal tunnel they open, with the risk of a landslide being large at every stage of the operation.

Wave of internet support

The little boy's adventure in Morocco has sparked a wave of online support with the hashtag #SaveRayan in Arabic going viral all over North Africa, including neighboring Algeria.

"I pray and beg God to get my boy out of there alive and well," Ryan's mother, Washima Harsic, told local 2M television. "Please, my God, take my pain and his own in that dusty hole," he continued with tears in his eyes.

A CCTV camera has been set up to monitor the boy, according to Morocco's official MAP news agency.

On Thursday, rescuers used five excavators to drill a parallel hole and then a three-meter horizontal tunnel in an attempt to reach the spot where the child was trapped. "I was able to contact the boy and ask him if he was listening to me," said Red Crescent volunteer Imad Fahmi. "There was an answer. "I waited a minute and saw that he started using oxygen."

Moroccan government spokesman Mustafa Baitas said various ways to save the child were being studied. Doctors, nurses and a helicopter are at the scene to transport the boy to the nearest hospital as soon as he is released.

A team of doctors is on alert

A team of doctors has gone to the scene of the operation to examine the child and possibly perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation when the little one is pulled out.

Rescuers managed to supply the 5-year-old with water and oxygen through pipes and a police helicopter is on alert to transport him to a nearby hospital.

Landslide risk

The head of the rescue crews, Abdelhambi Temrani, told Al Oula television that the diameter of the well was less than 45 cm.

The nature of the soil, he noted, makes it dangerous to try to widen the hole, which means that the only solution is to carry out large-scale excavations around the well.

The broadcast of the rescue operation by many media outlets in the country has attracted hundreds of thousands of internet users who are anxiously watching the fate of the child.

Paris Saint-Germain Moroccan footballer and star Ashraf Hakimi wrote about the company on social media, accompanying the text with emojis with a cracked heart and hands in prayer. For his part, the Algerian ace from Manchester, Riyad Mahrez, posted a photo of Ryan on Facebook with the hashtag "Stay Strong".

The accident of little Ryan has caused a lot of emotion and there are many messages of solidarity that are posted on social media, while on Twitter there is also the relevant hashtag #SaveRayan.

Source: First Topic