Turkey: The two queues - In one the Turks and in the other the Bulgarians

The two queues ... Photos and videos on social media highlight the harsh reality for the citizens of Turkey every day because of the economic crisis that plagues their country.

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More and more people in Turkey are waiting in line in the cold, snow and rain to buy cheap bread.

"Two queues of people"

Others, however, who have nothing to do with Turkey, are comfortable with the situation in the country with the devaluation of the Turkish pound and form queues for shopping in supermarkets.

This harsh reality is captured by two photos uploaded on Twitter by a Turkish citizen.

"There are two queues of people in the homeland," he wrote in his post.

"On one side is the queue for cheap bread under the rain and snow.

"And on the other is the tail of the Bulgarians, who due to the devaluation of the Turkish pound raided the supermarkets that became very cheap for them."


They sell in dollars

Meanwhile, other photos from Turkish bazaars reveal product pricing in dollars.

Thus, we see beans and dates cost from one dollar per kilo.

"These are our best days," wrote Ayşe Aydoğdu, who posted the photos.

He throws away the tomatoes

Also, a video posted by Politic Türk shows an indignant farmer throwing away his produce.

"The dollar became 20 pounds and the tomato 1 pound. I will not sow again, I will sell them all "he is heard to say…