Trump: Sanctions in North Korea go away when nuclear weapons go away

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Optimistic that today's deal will mark the beginning of a new era for the Korean Peninsula, he appeared during a press conference later given by US President Donald Trump. A few months ago, the American President may have described Kim as a "little rocket man", but today he praised his ability to govern his country and described him as talented. 

"Almost 70 years ago, think about it, 70 years ago, an extreme bloody conflict began on the Korean Peninsula. Countless people died during the meeting, including many tens of thousands of brave Americans. Despite the agreed ceasefire, the war has never ended to this day. But now we can hope that it will end soon. And it will end. The past does not have to determine the future. Yesterday's conflict does not have to be tomorrow's war. "And history has proven time and time again that opponents can become friends," he said.

Trump said he would push North Korea to move forward quickly with denuclearization, but acknowledged it would take time. He said sanctions would be lifted when there were no more nuclear weapons.

He said Kim Jong Un had told him that North Korea would destroy key ballistic missile test facilities.

"North Korea is already destroying key test facilities," he said, adding that the commitment was not part of the agreement signed by the two leaders. "We agreed on that after the agreement was signed," Trump said.

Trump said he would visit Pyongyang at a specific time. "This is a day I look forward to," he said, adding that he had invited Kim Jong Un to the White House and that his invitation had been accepted.

He also announced the end of joint exercises in the region with South Korea, saying that the "war games" would stop. However, he added, the withdrawal of US troops from South Korea is not in the equation at the moment.

"I want to take our soldiers. I want all our soldiers back to our house. But this is not part of our equation now. I hope that it will happen in the end ", he answered characteristically.