Tragedy in Morocco: 5-year-old dead after five days in the well

5-year-old Ryan was pulled out dead from a well that was trapped in Morocco and they were trying for five days to get it out.

symvainei tora apegklovistike o 5chronos apo to pigadi meta apo 5 imeres anasyrthike nekros 5 year old, MOROCCO, Pigadi

The dead man was pulled out 5 year old Ryan from a well that had been trapped in Morocco and they had been trying for five days to pull it out.

After a great effort and battle with time, 5-year-old Ryan was released from the well that had fallen, in Morocco.

Dead is finally 5-year-old Ryan who was pulled from the well after days.

Initial information from Al Jazeera and other international media reported that the child came out safe and without serious injuries. However, in the end such a thing did not happen.

Unfortunately, 5-year-old Ryan did not succeed.