Merkel and Zeehofer found the last, golden section (PHOTO)

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"We have found a viable solution, I remain Minister of Interior"

With this statement, Horst Seehofer put an end to the collapse scenarios of the German governing coalition.

"I believe that after a hard struggle and difficult days we have found a good compromise," said Chancellor Angela Merkel.

"We will set up transit centers in Germany. In this way, the spirit of partnership is maintained in the European Union and at the same time a decisive step is taken to restore order in secondary immigration. "

Merkel and Seehofer agreed to set up closed asylum centers on the German border, the so-called "transit zones", where asylum seekers will be temporarily transferred, will be examined, but without the right to leave the area. If their request is rejected, they will be returned immediately.

The proposal was on the table in 2015, but was rejected by the Social Democrats (SPD).