Germany: Four dead from the fire in a hospital in Hamburg

There are more than 10 injured, many of them seriously

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Four people died and many others were injured in a fire that broke out last Thursday night at a hospital in the city of Ulchen, south of Hamburg, in the German state of Lower Saxony, local police said today.

There are more than 10 injured, many of them seriously, the same source pointed out. The causes of the fire are currently unknown.

The fire broke out at 22:45 (local time, 23:45 Greece time) yesterday and, when emergency services arrived, flames were visible on the third floor and there was "a lot of smoke", according to the statement. "There were calls for help," police added.

Firefighters and police officers proceeded to remove people from the hospital and took measures to prevent the fire from spreading. As of this morning, the cause of the fire had not yet been determined and the authorities are considering all possibilities as part of their investigation.

According to the first estimates, the material damage caused to the hospital may exceed one million euros, the police said.