Germany: Babysitter rapes at least 33 infants and children - Narcotics to keep them from screaming

A shocking news saw the light of day in Cologne

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An unprecedented case is coming to light from Cologne in Germany, where a 44-year-old man is accused of sexually abusing a large number of young children - even a one-month-old newborn. He was a babysitter and police suspect he has been abusing children for more than fifteen years.

Cologne police chief Falk Snaber tries to hide his feelings in a press conference. He says he is shocked and surprised by what the months-long investigation into another scandal of child sexual abuse and child pornography that exceeds all imagination limits brings to light. "I have never encountered such a level of inhuman barbarism and indifference to the suffering of young children, their pain and screams and their apparent fear. "And I could never have imagined that."

"In the premises of families"

This is another case of child sexual abuse in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, but with unprecedented features. The main defendant is a 44-year-old man from the city of Vermelskirchen in the German state. An employee of the profession, married and childless, offered babysitting services online and thus had access to his victims, Ulrich Bremer, a spokesman for the prosecution, told reporters.

"Regarding how the accused had contact with the children, I can inform you that, on the one hand, the children came from his close environment, and on the other hand, and this concerns the vast majority of abused children, there is a valid claim that the accused successfully offered as a babysitter through corresponding internet platforms and then committed the acts in the family premises ".

It is noteworthy that the parents of these children did not suspect in the slightest what was happening in their home. Even victims, now adults, fell from the clouds when they learned from investigators that they had been sexually abused as children, as the 44-year-old's acts date back to 2005.

The children were sedated so as not to scream

Descriptions of his actions shock even investigators who have handled many similar cases. According to Deutsche Welle, the youngest victim was a one-month-old baby, including five other infants, babies and children with disabilities. A total of 33 victims so far. The violent fantasies of the accused, who has confessed to his actions, are impossible to capture on paper. As it became known in the press conference, in the pornographic material of huge volume that was found on his computer, "the most brutal rapes of babies and small children" have been recorded.

There are indications that in some cases children were sedated to avoid screaming. So far only 10% of the stored material has been evaluated and it is very likely that the number of victims of abuse will continue to increase. Police have found the traces of 73 other suspects, most of them are parents, relatives, neighbors, brothers and even parents and grandparents of the accused.