A 21-year-old was circulating with a firearm

He was arrested by the Police


An automatic firearm was found last night by members of the Police, in a car in which a 21-year-old man was riding in Larnaca, who was arrested and detained for the purpose of police interrogation.
The 21-year-old was located shortly before midnight on Tuesday by members of TAE and YKAN Larnaca, to be found in a parked car, in a private parking lot in Larnaca, after relevant information for illegal possession of a firearm.
He was checked, while a search of his vehicle found an automatic firearm in the luggage compartment, in nylon package, along with cartridges and a number of cartridges.
The details of the firearm are expected to be verified by the judicial examinations that will be carried out by a police gunsmith, while the case of illegal possession and transfer of a firearm and explosives is being investigated by the Larnaca Police Department.