These are the successful ones for the positions in the Public Sector up to Scale A7

Success in the Written Examination entitles you to apply for several categories of positions that may be advertised in 2022

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The Special Committee, which is responsible for conducting the Written Examinations in the Public Service, in accordance with the provisions of the Evaluation of Candidates for Appointment in the Public Service Laws from 1998 to 2021, announces the list of successful candidates in the Written Examination that had held on 23. 10.2021 regarding admission positions in the public service whose initial grade does not exceed Scale A7 of the government salary and for which a high school diploma or a three-year post-secondary diploma is required as a basic qualification.

The list of successful candidates is published only with the candidate number and the degree of success.

See the list HERE

Successful in the Written Exam is anyone who has obtained an overall overall score of at least 50% on average and in each of the subjects included in the exam at least 40%.

All those who have passed the written examination and succeeded will be provided with a relevant certificate of success which states the grade, the ID number and other details of the candidate. The losers will also be provided with a relevant certificate. These certificates will not be sent by post but will be posted on the website "Examinations for Public Employment" ( from 9.2.2022 at 12 noon. Candidates who have taken the written examination will be able to identify them through their personal portion with the codes given to them when submitting their application for participation in the above examination. For additional information on the certificates, candidates can contact 22582933, 22582934.

Success in the Written Examination provides the right to apply for appointment to several categories of positions that may be advertised in 2022 which are included in Annex I of the relevant List of Positions approved by the House of Representatives and published in the Official Gazette of the Republic no. 4135 and date 24.9.2021.

The filling of the positions is done by the Public Service Committee based on the provisions of the Laws mentioned in the title. More details on how to apply will be included in the vacancy notice. For additional information regarding the legal framework of recruitment in the public service, the positions for which the written examination is conducted, the required qualifications, etc., the interested parties can contact 22602555, 22602568, 22602569.