The public is equipped with 32 small electric van type vehicles

The total purchase cost is estimated at around € 1.120.000

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The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works recently announced a tender for the supply of 32 small electric vans to meet the needs of the State, with the aim of promoting clean and energy efficient vehicles and improving the contribution of the transport sector to reduce carbon footprint. emissions and other pollutants into the atmosphere.

An announcement from the Ministry of Transport states that "the announcement was made by the Department of Electromechanical Services with an open bidding process and the total purchase cost is estimated at around € 1.120.000 including VAT, which will be covered by the budget of the Ministry of Finance."

The market is part of the European Union's target for decontamination of polluting fuels and reduction of air pollutants and concerns the supply of clean light vehicles, which, among other things, for the Public Service was set at 31,9% of the total supply of vehicles through contracts for the period up to 31 December 2025.

The vehicles are intended for use mainly in cities and their minimum range is set at 330 km.

In the Departments and Services that will be delivered the electric vehicles, the Department of Electromechanical Services will proceed with the installation of appropriate charging points, the announcement concludes.